mail setup made easy!

automx makes setting up a mail account easy. All your users need to provide is real name, mail address and password. Their mail client and automx will safely handle the rest.

automx runs on your server and handles mail account profile requests from your mail clients. Put an end to endless phone calls trying to coach users to configure settings, whose dialogs they can't find. Stop wasting your time writing Tutorials nobody reads.

automx unifies Microsofts and Mozillas mail account provisioning standards in one powerful Open Source tool. Choose from many backends, including LDAP and SQL, and let automx create standard and individualized profiles for multiple domains on the fly!


automx is hosted as sys4/automx on github. You will also need Python 2.6 or newer, a web server and access to your DNS.

Found a bug? Verify on the mailing list and open a ticket at our project management website.


automx comes manuals included. There's an INSTALL file that tells you how to install automx from scratch and man-pages describing the commands, the program and the configuration file

Examples, FAQs etc.

Need first hand experience using automx? Join us on the automx-users mailing list.

Professional Help

You can hire us to plan, install, configure and rollout automx serving one up to a thousand domains and more. If there's a feature you need we will be happy to add it. Drop us a mail at and we will be all ears.

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